14 Online Marketing Strategies Worth Investing in 2022

There are effective forms of non-digital marketing. Think of billboards, wrapped vehicles, newspaper ads, word of mouth and referrals to name a few. However, as the world continues to digitize, there are numerous online marketing strategies to take advantage of. 

What Is the Future of Online Marketing for 2022?

Let’s look ahead to the rest of the year. What does 2022 have in store for us in terms of online marketing opportunities?

We predict marketing strategies will grow to further rely on digital tools and platforms to reach prospective customers. When we look back on 2021, that’s the trend that was most prevalent.

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What Products Will Be On Trend in 2022?

We have no indication that the most effective marketing methods will be non-digital. Because of what happened last year, we think online methods will only grow more prevalent. 

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14 Online Marketing Strategies Worth Investing in 2022

There are the 14 online marketing strategies that we think will be worth investing in during 2022. We’ve compiled the following list to help you think about how you’ll approach the upcoming year with your marketing methods. 

Here are those 14 digital marketing trends:

1. Influencers for B2C (and B2B)

The incredible number of people on social media platforms offers you a massive audience to target. With nearly 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook in 2021, you can expect to reach plenty of potential customers if you use your influence the right way. 

By working with influencers, you can choose a person outside of your company to market it for you. Influencers advertise on your behalf to their existing audience of followers. That means you can choose a social media influencer who has followers that fit your ideal customer demographics. Choose carefully, and you’ll see a boost in your sales. 

This type of marketing is ideal for business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, since it allows you to target individuals more easily than corporations. But it can still work well for business-to-business (B2B) sales, too. 

And with the emergence of podcast popularity, this offers you another excellent opportunity to hire an influencer to plug your product.

2. LinkedIn Campaign

The audience on LinkedIn has roughly double the buying power than the average user on the internet. That means it’s an excellent audience to target a marketing campaign at. That’s especially true for B2C marketing because of the higher product or service cost typically associated with it. 

Last year, four out of five LinkedIn users had the power to make business decisions. You can run a campaign to educate your clients knowing they have the power to choose your solution.

That sounds like a great lead generating opportunity to us at BME!

3. Facebook (Meta) Business Suite

We already mentioned Facebook’s massive audience of monthly active users. With the launch of Facebook (Meta) Business Suite, you can effectively and efficiently market through Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. 

That makes it convenient for you to increase the consistency across your platforms. Use their digital tools to create, schedule and automatically post content. Then, you can track how effective your posts and stories are to modify your methods the next time around. Try their A/B testing to see what’s most effective, and you can even use paid ads to target specific groups of people.

4. SEO (User-Experience-Based Content)

If you want to have a high search engine ranking and make the most of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, then focus on user experience (UX).

Google claims that people prefer to use websites that offer a good experience for them. That means if your site is intuitive and easily navigable, then you’ll get more traffic. More traffic can get you more leads, and more leads means more sales opportunities.

5. Short Videos for Social Media

As viewers have continually shorter attention spans, it’s a good idea to utilize short form content. Creating short videos for social media is a good way to constantly remind your audience of your value. With short videos, they’ll be likely to actually watch them, and it’ll bring you into their mind regularly. That means when they need a solution in your industry, they’ll think of you.

6. Mobile Optimized Design

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile access, then you’re not making the most of your online presence. When people use their phones or tablets to browse the web, they aren’t going to tolerate a bad mobile user experience. That means unless you have a mobile optimized design, you’ll miss out on many potential viewers. They will simply bounce to another site if yours doesn’t function properly on their phone.

7. Keep Your Website Updated

You also need to ensure your website is kept up to date overall. That means it can’t look old, feel outdated or function ineffectively. You need all of your essential information on your website, but not so much that your users get overwhelmed. A good user experience on your website is going to have a huge effect on your marketing success since so many users are turning to digital media over print.

Online Marketing Strategies, 14 Online Marketing Strategies Worth Investing in 2022, Business Marketing Engine

8. Digital Sales Enablement Tools

Do you have digital tools on your website or mobile app that allow customers to make purchases? If you don’t take advantage of your digital sales enablement tools, then you could be missing out on revenue. If a user has to call to get a quote instead of filling out a form, they might opt not to at all. That would be a shame to let those customers go to your competitors because you didn’t invest in digital sales enablement tools. 

9. Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) targets specific accounts that your company would like to land as clients. By choosing these accounts you target carefully, you can achieve your highest marketing ROI. 85% of marketers who track their metrics find ABM to achieve higher ROI than any other methods they use. ABM is going to be an increasing marketing trend in 2022 that you don’t want to miss out on.

10. Paid Ads (Google, etc.)

If you know who you want to target, you can use paid ads to do so. With pay-per-click ads on sites like Google, you can attach your ads to specific searches that people make. That means if you know what your ideal audience is searching for, you can show your ads to them on purpose. That’ll help you generate more leads and higher quality ones too–if you target the right people.

11. Personalized Email Marketing

People are more likely to open emails that address them by name. You can send out personalized emails to your email list to increase your click rates to drive more traffic to your site. 

Ultimately, you can capitalize on that increased traffic by relying on a strong sales funnel to bring them the rest of the way to a purchase or contract. You can personalize the subject line, or you can address them by name in the body of the email. 

Are you wondering how helpful that really is? Personalizing emails can increase your transaction rates by a whopping 600%.

Online Marketing Strategies, 14 Online Marketing Strategies Worth Investing in 2022, Business Marketing Engine

12. Automated Tasks

By automating tasks, you can cut down on wait time for your clients. When clients have to wait, they lose their patience. If that goes on too long, they’ll simply walk. 

If someone reaches out to you, and you have to have an employee personally get back to them, it can cost you leads. Instead, use automated tasks like email responses to form submissions that let your clients know you’ve received their inquiry. That way you can give them a better idea on when they’ll hear a full response from you. 

Or, as another example, you could automatically email anyone who downloads your free brochure.

13. Behavior Analytics Software

If you utilize behavior analytic software such as Google Analytics or your preferred customer relationship management (CRM software), you can understand your users better. By understanding their behavior you can better reach them, which means you can better serve their needs.

14. Review Every Stat

It’s important to have key performance indicators (KPIs) identified, but you want to look at more than just one or two stats. Review all of your stats to get the full picture of how your marketing efforts are going. That way, you can adjust if the need arises to make the most of your strategies.

Which of these strategies appeals to you most? Whatever you decide to pursue in 2022 for your marketing plans, Business Marketing Engine is here to help you make the most of your resources. 

To learn more about how the BME team can help you reach your revenue goals for 2022 through effective marketing methods, contact us!