Episode 116

Getting the Most Out of Your Connections – (Episode 116)


What’s the most important part of entrepreneurship? Is it money? Is it a big net of clients? Today’s Guest, Brandon Fong, says the most crucial part of being an entrepreneur is making connections, along with being resourceful. 

Brandon knew he had the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. While the other kids in his neighborhood had lemonade stands, Brandon was selling rocks. By the time he was in high school, he was a regular attendee of entrepreneurial conferences and networking events, which allowed him to start building his network early and showed him how to use his connections. 

The Road to the 7-Figure Millennials Podcast

Brandon is the host of the “7-Figure Millennials” Podcast, where he aims to show a new generation of entrepreneurs how to be resourceful and prioritize happiness to help their businesses grow. Brandon learned how to be resourceful at a young age. Coming from a low-income family, his parents instilled in him the importance of resourcefulness and connecting yourself with the right people. 

While spending his teenage years building connections with fellow entrepreneurs, he was able to get involved with running email campaigns and other marketing strategies for Jonathon Levi. In three years, he grew Jonathon’s business to new heights while developing the “7-Figure Millennials” Podcast. 

The Magic Connection Method

His time working with Levi taught him how to run a successful email campaign. While cold-emailing can still be effective, Brandon wanted to create a more authentic way for entrepreneurs to reach out to prospects. He created a new way to obtain clients via email through the Magic Connection Method, which consisted of three parts:

  • Hook
  • Irresistible Offer.
  • A “No”-Oriented Question.

This method has allowed him to obtain more valuable connections and increase his email response rate. Luckily, he has a special gift for our audience! Use this link to obtain free email templates outlined by the Magic Connection Method. 

Brandon is ready to work with any heart-centered entrepreneur that values happiness and building connections over money. Are you ready to grow your business and your network? Work with Brandon by visiting his website,  Learn more about the Magical Connection Method and listen to the “7-Figure Millennials” podcast



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