Episode 10

From Peanut Head to Professional – Lead SEO Copywriter Alyssa McGrail – (Episode 10)

Abiding by the need for creative input in order to get creative output is something we strive to live by in our work at BME. Creative input isn’t a foreign affair for our dedicated copywriter Alyssa McGrail. She’s been writing stories since she was young, including the short story Penelope the Peanut Head

Thankfully her creative side didn’t stop there, as she added to her life’s journey by ditching film school to get back to what she loved most – telling a story. Life threw more creative input at her as she taught English in Taiwan for three years, and the diverse experiences don’t end there. Before she came to BME, she was an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist, working with children with special needs. 

This created a bit of insecurity in her writing ability, having been away from writing for a while before she started working here. The diversity in her experiences before she became a copywriter is an asset and something that drives the creative work she puts forth every day. 

With some self love and the healthy and supportive environment we have here at BME, she was able to pursue her passions and her natural-born literary talent to become confident in her role as a professional writer. Her advice for those interested in becoming a writer is to take the time to follow their passions and be open to the inspiration that flows in when they do. 

Life has handed Alyssa what seems like a lot of creative input, and it shows in her exemplary writing and work. So take Penelope the Peanut Head and this episode of BME stories as a reminder to keep living and embracing all of the inspiration you can get out of your life! It will be sure to show in what you bring to the table for others to embrace, especially here with us at BME.