Episode 6

Blooming Where We’re Planted with Senior Project Manager, Andre Vidal – (Episode 6)

Andre reflects on his past and what brought him to BME. He shares with us a mantra used as he was in seminary school (college) which is “bloom where you’re planted.” Andre tried to stay planted in one career and spent years in the outsourcing industry. He started at the bottom of the ladder as tech support for DSL (which became AT&T)! He rose up the ladder and was transferred to a loan company in the US. until he took the opportunity to return home to his family and raise his daughter. Thankfully, Andre has planted himself here with us at BME and talks about some of his favorite things that make us grow. Service being the main theme of who we are as a company is something Andre felt absolutely necessary to talk about. He describes the servitude of every member of this company as being contagious and finds it to be the best part of BME. From his experience in the business world, this is seldom seen. He delves into some other things he finds favorable about managing the clients we have at BME. Being able to work closely with Gabe and learn more every day. The camaraderie and support we get from one another, especially when we have any hold-ups or issues. He also enjoys the projects and clients who allow for more creative output (i.e. HVAC companies usually have nice bright colors so our design team can show off their talent). His advice returns to blooming where you are planted. Do your best with whatever you are working on or toward. This is why he can attest and guarantee our team here at BME will give our mission, work, clients and each other the best of ourselves that we can.