Shanna Brown

“Special shout of THANKS and appreciation to Gabe Arnold and this marketing experience. I’ve been reflecting on this course and my experience was profound and expansive both personally and professionally. I didn’t even realize how much I was hiding my business from the world until I started diving into these marketing concepts. 

These classes, particularly the exercises, made me realize how scared I was to be seen and the deep fear I held of sharing my business with the world. But the course gave me direction, courage and support to work the basics of marketing, lean into the discomfort and grow my business. 

Until this course, my business was a referral-only business. But I am now marketing for the first time with an actual plan and actual guidance with proven results. Marketing always felt scary and overwhelming to me and this course made it accessible and easy to implement.
I still have a ways to go and I’m looking forward to catching new lives for the sessions I missed. Thanks again for this space, this community, these resources and sharing your wisdom.”