Build A Strong Copy Deck

When it comes to your copy deck, it is important to remember that we are not just talking about written copy.

Your copy deck should be the supporting theory and message application that you use for all advertising, marketing, and in person pitching of your services. In a traditional sense, the attached “Agency-Copywriter-Copy-Deck” below is what an agency would consider the copy deck for their product or service.

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This is how you need to build your copy deck, theoretically, for all different applications. Here are the components you need:

1. Headline

This is the most critical first step. If you don’t have a good headline you can forget about drawing your prospect any further into your message.

Example Headline: Don’t Waste Your Money On Direct Mail

If this is targeted at a direct mail conference, it sounds outrageous and offensive at first, but should get their attention and keep them interested!

Copyblogger is one of the most valuable headline resources I have found. Here are a few of their articles:

2. Body:

This part of your copy must be telling a compelling storyline to support the headline that you just wrote. Be clear, concise, decisive, and make sure that this has examples that reinforce your headline.

Example Opening statement of the Body: Let me show you how I saved my company 3.5 million dollars on their direct mail campaign and helped them increase their response rate four fold!

Don’t waste money on direct mail. Make it effective and impactful.

3. Call to Action:

After supporting your headline with great examples and a body that justifies and proves your message, then you need to get your prospect to take action. This is your call to action.

Example call to action: Find out how you can quadruple your response rate by registering for our free seminar. Call today: 800-555-5555 or register online here. You can’t afford to waste any more money on ineffective campaigns!

4. Further Justification via Sidebar, subheadings, or more content on a squeeze page.

These elements can be used as further supporting arguments when in person or another platform:

List out testimonials, share more antidotal examples, and more “proof” of success.

Example sub headline: ACME Corp was able to increase incoming phone calls by 18% after they applied our effective direct mail campaign techniques.

We offer a money back guarantee on all our courses. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money!

The above example shows how it could be written as a sales letter, email, or squeeze page, but this approach and these principles should apply to all the pitches that you develop.


Expert Tip:

One of the simplest ways to get started in writing your copy deck is to shop your competition. Sign up for other people’s newsletters, go to the bookstore and read magazine ads, listen to commercials, and study others who have already spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars in your market niche.
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