Episode 130

Healthy Dads Can Make a Difference With Cam Hall (Episode 130)

“I need to teach more men to take control of their health, their fitness, and how to be more present with their families.”

In the latest episode of Today’s Business Leaders, we feature Cam Hall, the Founder and facilitator of “Dads Making a Difference.” Cam Hall is a coach who generously shares his journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

One of Cam’s notable ventures is “Fight the Dad Bod,” a business dedicated to assisting fathers in achieving better fitness and overall health.

However, Cam’s aspirations extend beyond simply providing health-related assistance. His primary objective is to offer guidance to fathers, helping them discover a harmonious balance and a sense of purpose in their lives, ultimately enabling them to become more engaged and present fathers.

Without a doubt, this episode is highly recommended for all listeners. So, don’t hesitate any longer—click that play button right away.

LinkedIn: Cameron Hall
Podcast: Dads Making A Difference Podcast

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