Don’t Buy What the “Experts” Tell You About Marketing

One fact holds true in life and in business: there are no shortcuts. No hack, gimmick or magic trick is going to make your marketing start working if you do not have the right processes in place.

There is work to be done, and how you go about putting in the work is what will make your marketing machine run like a finely made watch. You need a plan that is built from the ground up on proven techniques that develop over time to achieve your goals.

Intelligent Marketing

Intelligent marketing means your objectives are achievable and measurable. They are laser-focused on the short-term while coordinating with your long-term goals. Slow and steady wins the race every time. Do not buy what so-called marketing “experts” are selling about rapid growth methods and miracle marketing cures. It is no different than snake oil. 

You may see some interesting, potentially even significant short term results, but that growth is not sustainable. Time and time again, those methods either flatline or cause a boom-and-bust cycle that can take years to escape. Trust us, we have seen it too many times to count.

Authentic content, data-driven SEO and steady expansion in your target market to your target audience over time get stable, sustainable results. It is not quick, and it certainly is not flashy, but the results speak for themselves.

Trust the Process

Think about fine food and drink. Age and time are the most important agents of lasting change. Good wine takes time to develop exquisite flavors and aromas. You cannot rush the process. Moreover, without the right resources like the best grapes and fine oak barrels. It is impossible to produce a high-quality product that possesses value. Taking shortcuts in the wine industry is how you end up with fermented grape juice in a screw cap bottle. You cannot get much for it because it was produced too quickly and without the right materials.

The same can be said of anything high quality. Automobiles, electronics, cheese or any other product you can name. If you want to be the best, you need time and staying power to become the best. The only way to achieve that goal is to envision it, build the right smaller goals to get there and dedicate yourself to the challenging, time-consuming work of making that vision a reality.

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