Get Connected: How Your Blog Builds Relationships

Your company and blog may seem like a little island resting alone on the vast sea of the Internet, but it really shouldn’t seem that way and probably isn’t that isolated if you examine the connections you may have already built. Although, if you find that all your online efforts are keeping you isolated like that you are doing something wrong and need to change it up fast. Your blog can be a great way to get connected with others and build relationships.


The main connection that you are thinking about when building a relationship is to your readers, who are either your customers or those people you’d like to be your customers. This is your typical target audience that you want to engage and connect with through your blogging efforts. Your blog can act as a way for them to get to know you and your business, and encourage them to call on you when they need the service or product that you offer.

Other Bloggers and Companies

You may be thinking why do you need to build relationships with other bloggers that may be seen as competition, but they can be a very powerful ally when used successfully. Blogger relationships can help to drive more traffic to your blog and website. It should be a back and forth relationship where you comment on their post, and they do the same for you or you retweet something that they tweeted, and they do the same for you. This means that those that follow their blog might be tempted to come over to yours to see what all the buzz is about, and the same is true for your readers, who may be happy that you turned them on to a new source of information that is useful to them. One of the most powerful things that can come from creating relationships with other bloggers and companies is backlinks. Backlinks are very helpful in getting you noticed by search engines and help to give you and your blog authority when backlinks to your site show up on other quality websites.

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, Get Connected: How Your Blog Builds Relationships, Business Marketing Engine

Building Relationships

There are a few ways that you can go about building relationships through your blog and getting connected with other influencers.

Social Media

Sharing on social media is the ultimate way to build relationships. You can post your own blog content for your followers to find and share with their networks. You can have comments on your blog page and the social media page for responses to what you’ve written that can help build relationships. You can also share and retweet interesting information found online with your network that is sure to be noticed by the original person that posted the information. This puts you on their radar, and if they are interested in building a relationship, may send you some type of shout out to their network to reciprocate your share of their post.

Blog Posts

You may even want to talk about their information in a blog post and give them a mention. This doesn’t mean you should plagiarize what the blogger said in their post, but you can always quote them and link to their original information while adding your own take or spin on it to your post. You may even want to think about asking them to guest post on your blog as they may also allow you to do the same.


Don’t think that you have to sit and wait for all the attention to come your way. You can be active in building relationships with other bloggers and influencers. Post comments in their blog posts that you find interesting and relevant to your blog topic. These should be quality comments rather than just good article, and you should try not to use a bunch of links in your comment as this can come off as spammy. You can link to your blog or website in your name, and that should be enough to get people that want to learn more about you thanks to your insightful and helpful comment to click on it. This helps you to look like another authority on the topic and may lead to new followers for you.

You should never feel as though your blog is drifting alone in the vast ocean of the Internet. You want to get connected with other and start building strong relationships that will not only help you to garner more clicks and views for your posts but may help you to sell your products or services to new clients. Building relationships with your readers and other bloggers can be vital to how well your blog does over time and how search engines view your blog. It can be as simple as asking for someone to write a guest post on your blog, sharing another blogger’s post, or writing an interesting and insightful comment. Start building some bridges to other blog islands to get connected.

A big portion of building relationships and connections with your blog is having excellent blog content that keeps readers and influencers engaged with your brand. This can be a time-consuming activity. Feel as though you could use that time for better business purposes? Get in touch with us to talk about how we can help you create the quality blog posts your blog needs. Don’t forget to ask about our risk-free trial or specials that we may be running.

, Get Connected: How Your Blog Builds Relationships, Business Marketing Engine