How Do You Write Guest Blogs About Marketing?

If you have not utilized guest blogging on your website before, now is the time to try. Guest blogging is simply writing a blog for another colleague or company within your industry. It is a great way to collaborate with fellow industry professionals and create additional click funnels back to your own site. Think of it as another avenue for self-promotion. 

If you are in the marketing industry, writing guest blogs can be tricky. Why is that? Well, even if you’re writing for a colleague’s blog, they can still be considered your competition. Here are some ways to master guest blogs about marketing. 

Provide a Fresh Perspective

We are all guilty of using our own personal vocabulary and language when writing. The same goes for our opinions, beliefs, and attitudes. To readers, always seeing the same old stuff on your blog causes them to look elsewhere. When guest blogging, you can inject your own writing style into another person’s blog. You will immediately catch the readers’ attention and provide a new perspective on a previously covered topic. 

Co-Marketing Strategy

Let’s say you are partnering with another business to host a webinar series on copywriting. You and the other business owner can cross-promote each other by writing guest blogs on each other’s sites. Both calls-to-action (CTAs) will take the reader to a page to sign up for your webinar. 

Guest blogging allows for multiple click funnels and allows readers to be introduced to both companies before signing up for the webinar. 

Education Over Selling

Something to keep in mind when guest blogging is that the purpose is not to shamelessly sell your marketing services. The main point of a guest blog is to provide valuable information to the readers and establish your credibility within the industry. 

Use your guest blog as a way to introduce yourself to a new audience. How do you know the person whose blog you’re writing for? What’s the purpose of your collaboration? Why should the readers listen to you? 

For example, let’s say you are an expert copywriter, heralded in your field as an expert. If your friend runs a marketing agency that provides copywriting services, you can write a guest blog based on your expertise. This way, you’re bringing in more traffic to your friend’s website while also getting your name out there. 

Blogging at its Best

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