Improve Your Content Marketing with Infographics

Content marketing provides you with a platform to showcase your knowledge on a particular industry, product or service. You showcase this expertise by creating content pieces that include blog posts, articles and social media posts. Guest post opportunities on industry relevant websites are an additional way to share content as well.

Consumers are on a continual quest for knowledge about a product, service or industry. The content pieces you create as part of a content marketing campaign serves as an informational platform for consumers, which works to add value to the customer experience. The more frequently you generate new content pieces, the more interaction your target market audience takes with your business. One strategy that improves your content marketing delivery is using infographics to share your knowledge on a particular topic of interest to your target market audience.

What is an Infographic

Consumers engage with images far more frequently than plain text staring back at them on a computer screen. That is why social media posts that contain images receive higher interactive ‘likes’ and ‘share’ responses than posts offering only a typed message. For that reason, infographics are extremely effective in capturing the attention of your target market audience in the content marketing pieces you create.

Infographics take information and deliver it to consumers in a manner similar to storytelling. You can utilize colorful graphs, charts and drawings, among other tools, to present visually appealing information to your customers. The infographics you create work to capture the attention of your target market audience and expand your reach within a particular market segment. You will draw the attention of potential customers looking for a resolution to a problem they face and prompt those individuals to take further action with your company.

Consider for a moment the amount of content information that consumers come in contact with on a daily basis. Everywhere they turn there is a new piece of information starring back at them, promising to resolve an issue or provide a need. At that point, they are simply looking for the best possible solution to their situation. Creating the right infographic can make your company stand out in the crowd. It gives you a competitive advantage as consumers can quickly see how you are able to meet their needs. Here are several ways that infographics help improve your content marketing practices.

Captures Target Market Audience Attention

People naturally gravitate to visual images when researching a topic of interest. As consumers come across visual images, their optic nerve triggers a reaction that makes it easier to process the information presentation on a particular image. An infographic allows you to break up the central message of a content marketing piece and present it in a visual format that allows consumers to quickly scan the information and find the aspects that are the most important to them at that time.

Upon scanning the infographic, consumers will find the value that you are able to provide and look to take the next step with your business. Therefore, you want to make sure that each infographic you create has a small section containing your contact information. That allows consumers to easily contact you without losing sight of the central message you present in the infographic.

Increases Brand Awareness

The focal point of an infographic that you create should always work to highlight how you are able to help consumers with a situation that they face. Your company biography and the products or services that you offer will not be the items that bring consumers to your doorstep. They come to you looking for an answer to a question or a resolution to a problem. Their time is valuable and they want to know as quickly as possible if you are going to be a viable solution to their situation.

Creating infographics allows you to take a content marketing promotional message and give it visual appeal. Consumers take that visual information and can determine, rather quickly, how beneficial your company is to what they need. By utilizing infographics to increase your brand awareness, you will also increase the amount of traffic to your website. That gives you an opportunity to add value to the customer experience. When you give customers value, they give you brand loyalty.

Expands Your Audience Reach

Creating visually appealing infographics naturally attracts the attention of more than just your target market audience. Other companies within your industry, such as the competition, will also take notice of the information you are presenting. The visual appeal of your infographic will draw them into your promotional message. They will want to know more about what you are offering or what your company can do for them.

As your infographics spread across the content marketing channels that you use, the visual elements will prompt more users to interact with that content piece. Their level of engagement can include sharing it with their social media circles, including it in blog posts of their own or simply leaving a comment on your post. Each time their audience comes in contact with your infographic, your content promotional messages gains exposure to a new audience.

Increases Your Search Results Performance

By creating valuable infographics as part of your content marketing campaign, you are paving the way towards receiving higher search results page rankings on the major online search engine companies like Google. Each infographic should contain your contact information that gives consumers a way to connect with you by phone, email, website and social media channels. You also want to add a disclaimer asking others who share your infographic to give you source credit on their posts.

Doing so creates a series of inbound links leading back to your website. That gives a new audience an easy way to connect with your company while providing you with higher search results page rankings. Each time consumers share your infographic, it gains credibility within your industry. Consumers begin to see your infographic appear in more than one area online, which establishes you as an authority figure in their eyes. Search engines view you as an authoritative figure as well, giving you higher page rankings as a result. Having higher page rankings places your brand in front of potential customers as quickly as possible.

Builds Your List of Subscribers and Followers

Take a quick glance at any of your social media accounts to gain a clear understanding of how effective visually appealing images are in attracting the attention of consumers. You are likely to engage in content that features an eye-catching image or provides relevant information in a visual manner. Seeing these images prompts you to take further action with a company, whether that action is signing up for their newsletter or liking their social media page.

Content marketing infographics can have the same impact level for your business. As consumers come in contact with your infographics and see the inherent value in those pieces, they will want to continue seeing similar information. An excellent way to accomplish this is by signing up to receive notifications about your future blog posts, joining your email newsletter, liking your Facebook page and following you on other social media channels. Your infographics will become their source of information that they come to rely on when facing a difficult situation. Your infographics will give them a reason to trust you and become a loyal customer with your company.

Enhances Your Traditional Marketing Practices

Content marketing infographics give you an excellent opportunity to take the visually appealing information and apply it to other areas of your marketing practices. You can utilize one or more content marketing infographics in a seminar that consumers and other relevant companies within your industry will attend. Doing so provides you with the chance to create powerful presentations that highlight key points of information that you want seminar attendees to take with them after the event ends.

You can also feature content marketing infographics in promotional print materials. Make one infographic the central focal point of a brochure discussing the launch of a new product line, It gives consumers the highlights of how that product line will benefit them while promoting your company at the same time. Create slideshare presentations online as a way to open up the potential of a new market segment coming in contact with your company and your brand. You can also feature the infographics in meetings with potential clients. As the meeting progresses, you can use the infographic to illustrate the benefits that the clients stand to receive by working with your company. The traditional marketing practice possibilities are endless with content marketing infographics.

The Final Thought

Content marketing is a vital part of your business promotional activities. Being in a position to expand your reach within a market segment increases the potential for sales lead generations to occur and potential consumers to gain a feel for the benefits that you can provide them. Taking the promotional aspect of a content marketing piece and placing it in a visually appealing infographic gives you a significant competitive advantage in your industry. You showcase the value you provide alongside the knowledge that you have in a presentational format that captures the attention of your target market audience.

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