Is Your Blog and Audience Starving Because of You?

Your website is a virtual extension of the physical presence of your company. It requires just as much of your attention as the day-to-day operations of your business. Staff meetings serve as a means to update staff on policies, procedures, and client project information. You would not go for an extended period without holding one of these meetings. It would leave your employees to fend for themselves as they work to complete projects or handle pressing client issues.

Think of your website and the content it holds in the same manner. Content is what keeps your readers in the loop of what is taking place in your business and industry. It is where they come when they want to find information on your next project, learn the latest about your company or pinpoint why certain business practices may not be working for them. Failure to maintain fresh content on your website leaves your audience scrambling to find the content they desire elsewhere.

In addition to being the latest source of reference for your audience, here are four ways you can benefit from having fresh content on your website.

content, Is Your Blog and Audience Starving Because of You?, Business Marketing Engine

Frequent Indexing

Indexing refers to the action taken by a search engine to locate websites that can become part of search engine results pages. Each time a web crawler arrives at your site, it scans the site looking for new or recently updated information. Web crawlers also look for the number of incoming links and the presence of keyword-rich content. The web crawler sends this information to the search engine, and your website receives an index ranking.

An index ranking determines where your website places on a search results page. You want your ranking to be as high as possible. Providing fresh content will lead to frequent updates to your site. Each update will prompt the web crawler to return to your website and register the new information. Your index rating will increase with each upgrade, placing you closer to the first page of search results. It will bring a new audience of potential readers your way as well.

Google Influence

Everybody loves Google! It is the top-rated, go-to source for finding out information on everything, including yourself. While everyone is busy loving Google, it is busy looking around for new websites with fresh information to share. You can be one of those websites that Google falls in love with when you work to keep new content on your site.

Once a day Google sends a ‘googlebot’ out to search for new content on websites. That information goes into setting your index ranking. Seize this opportunity to increase your website audience by adding a new piece of content as often as possible. It can be an image, updates to your business contact information, or blog content. When you create new blog content, and a reader makes a comment, Google is informed of both activities. It’s an easy way to enhance your web presence.


Keywords make the online world stand up and take notice of what you have to say. Pick a keyword or a series of keywords and create your content around those words. Having a series of keywords gives you the opportunity to create several pieces of content using each keyword as the focus of your content piece.

Your audience already puts these same keywords to use each time they turn on a search engine for assistance. When the web crawlers conduct their daily search for websites with new content, your site receives recognition from the presence of these keywords. As you create more fresh content utilizing these keywords, the search engines pick it up and bring potential audience readers to your virtual doorstep.

Increase Authority

Knowledge has the power to make you stand out from the crowd. Blog posts and articles give you the opportunity to bring your knowledge on a particular topic to the table. As you begin to share more of what you know, your audience will start to perceive you as having authority within a particular industry. That power makes you appear as the only possible option for solving a problem your audience has or fulfilling a need they have in mind.

When you step outside the confines of your website and interact with other industry sites, search engines start to take notice as well. You can make a guest post on another industry website or answer questions in an online forum. Each activity registers with the search engines and works toward increasing your index ranking.

content, Is Your Blog and Audience Starving Because of You?, Business Marketing Engine

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