Episode 137

Leveraging The Power of PR through Podcasting with Jeremy Slate (Episode 137)

“Podcasts are the best vehicle to get PR attention.”

Meet Jeremy Slater, a renegade and renowned podcaster since 2015, when his debut episode of Create Your Own Life aired.

Quickly growing to over 10,000 listeners within the first couple weeks of airing, his podcasting expertise striked the interest of many. When others began asking for his help, an organic start to his company, Command Your Brand took way.

From his own speedy deliverance into the world of public relations and from the help of his wife– a PR expert– he’s joining us on Today’s Business Leaders to tell us what PR is really all about.

Hint: We’ve been getting it wrong, all along!

Tune in to this episode and discover what it’s like to truly become an authority in your industry through creating trust and authentically cultivating relationships with the right clients.

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Want to learn more about our special guest? Check out his website below!


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