Podcast Pitches: Breaking Into Podcast

If you are a business owner and have not investigated podcasts as a new way to market and address your clients, you are in for a surprise. According to the PEW Research Center, a study conducted in 2015 showed that podcasts listener-ship had doubled since 2008, showing a trend that is predicted to continue rising.

Once considered a breakthrough technology, podcasts are quickly becoming the resource for reaching the masses. A podcast is a video or audio recording made available to the general public for download or on demand listening. You can charge a small monetary fee to access and download podcasts or go the route that many businesses are taking, offering the podcast for free. Generally, the lower the cost of a podcast the stronger the chance for buy-in from the public; keep in mind that people are attracted to the word, free.

If used properly podcasts can be used as effective marketing material. Starting a podcast series is a great way to solidify business-branding initiatives, gain further exposure and draw customers in. Many organizations utilize podcasts to entice customers. Podcasts offer listeners the convenience of playing the recordings at their leisure.

Creating your own podcasts can also boost the credibility of your company. Every business owner has some vast amount of knowledge to share with the world; this knowledge could be very helpful to the public. Knowledge draws in the customers as they are seeking some amount of assistance.

If you plan your podcasts properly, you will quickly develop a following. A properly developed podcast begins with several questions. What is the business service, product or knowledge that you would like to share with the world? What knowledge have you gained that you could share with others to enhance your business following? Who is your target audience? Once you have answered these questions, you are well on your way to building an online following for your podcast recordings and hopefully for your business.

Careful planning will ensure that you reach your target audience. Trying to reach everyone is a wide net to cast; when you have a target audience in place you have a greater chance of accomplishing your task. Initially, the goal is not to gain as many customers as possible. The goal is to ensure that you have the attention of those customers who would be willing to purchase your product or utilize your services.

Podcasts are also effective ways to step outside the glass walls of the business and meet the customers where they are. A podcast gives your business a voice. You want to make sure that the voice your potential customers hear is a well thought out, personable voice that gives them just the right amount information.

Ensure that your podcasts are not too long and drawn out. It is best to properly plan each podcast, prior to recording. Establish your goals for each podcast session and determine what you would like to convey most to your customer.

The role of podcasts is changing. Gone are the days of receiving marketing material strictly in the mail or on the television. Podcasts have made it possible to listen to educational, motivational or promotional material from the convenience of your very own cellphone. Podcasts can be an efficient business-marketing tool, giving your business or organization a voice.

Creating your own podcast can bring a wealth of positive feedback your way. Offering informational podcasts also provide the public with a clear view inside your company. It gives you the opportunity to spotlight your expertise in a particular subject or area.

Starting a podcast is not a difficult task. You will need the proper equipment such as a laptop or desktop computer with the ability to record and store audio files. Recording and editing software is also a must to ensure that you are providing your customers and listeners with a crystal clear sound quality. A strong Internet connection is also a must when exporting your audio and posting it to your podcast directory.

Hosting is also a must. You need to determine if you would like to host your podcasts on your own personal server or on a hosting servicing company such as Godaddy.com or Rackroom.com. You can hire a professional to setup your RSS feed and then you are on the way to submitting your first podcast recording. Consider linking your podcasts to your website to increase exposure. When visitors happen upon your website they will have the chance to hear about your company or watch a presentation concerning your product. This gives your company leverage and a great platform for exposure.

Once you have your audio or video recording published you can submit it to a variety of podcast directories including iTunes. Podcasts are also made available via the local libraries and community organizations. If your company or organization provides a service or a product that the public is searching for, it would be a great idea to publish your podcast links on the community pages as well.

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