Reasons an Entrepreneurship Degree Earns You Credibility

Are you considering going to school for your entrepreneurship degree? While a college degree isn’t a prerequisite for becoming an entrepreneur, having a degree in entrepreneurship will certainly earn you credibility.

Today, we’ll take a look at five reasons why having an entrepreneurship degree scores you extra credibility in the business world. If you plan on pursuing a path of entrepreneurship, but you’ve yet to decide on whether you should get your degree or not, be sure to read this first.

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Five Reasons Why an Entrepreneurship Degree Earns You Credibility

1. Proof You’re Serious About What You Do

Investing in your education as a professional entrepreneur makes a statement. It’s you putting your money where your mouth is. Instead of being a wishful thinker, you’re taking action. Attending school to get an entrepreneurship degree shows this isn’t a hobby to you. You’re ready to learn how to make entrepreneurship a serious career. Earning your entrepreneurship degree is an investment of time and resources. It proves you want to learn how to do things the right way.

2. Personal and Professional Network.

It’s not all about what you know — who you know is just as important. Your classmates in college become your first business contacts and relationships in the real world. The connections you make while pursuing your entrepreneurship degree will be with you your entire career. It’s not just the potential business connections you make. The friends you meet while in college, and the experiences you share together will also shape the rest of your life. Learning at college is just as much about coursework as it is about building character. Also, after graduation, a good entrepreneurship school will have alumni resources available to you.

3. Quality Education

While you don’t need a degree to launch a business, you probably can’t teach yourself everything you need to know about entrepreneurship. The best people in their industry aren’t self-taught — they learn from professionals who are better than them. Look for an entrepreneurship school with a solid reputation. Check out the professors teaching entrepreneurship. What companies have they worked for in the past? What businesses have they boot-strapped and launched on their own? Earning your entrepreneur degree gives you the opportunity to get a proper education from the best minds in entrepreneurship. Choose your school and teachers wisely.

4. Contests, Pilot Projects, and Internships

One of the best reasons to attend a school for entrepreneurship is the many opportunities you’ll have to test your ideas. Colleges and business groups offer hands-on projects and contests where you get to actually develop and launch a company. Bring your first product to market with the help of your teachers and classmates. See what it’s like to actually bootstrap a company while you’re in school. Along with these pilot projects, you can also apply for internships, and learn by working with other companies.

5. Business Basics 101

When you go to college for entrepreneurship, you learn everything you need to know about running a company the right way. Whether you’ve run your own company before or not, you get a basic education in the fundamentals of business. Typical entrepreneurship degree classes include business management, finance, accounting, economics, public speaking, writing, communications and marketing.

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Will you go to college and get a degree in entrepreneurship? Will you go to college for a different degree, but still work on your business on the side? Or, do you plan on jumping in headfirst and launching your company with no official training?

Although earning your entrepreneurship degree definitely gives you credibility, and it will probably give you a significant competitive edge — there is no right or wrong answer. Only you can decide the value of an entrepreneurship degree for your future.

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