TBL Episode 14: Learn to Create Opportunities and Double Down

Adam Alson offers up some actionable advice based on his own experiences while he chats with Gabe in the most recent episode of Today’s Business Leaders. From his early entrepreneurial efforts to building his own company, Adam has followed and developed his interests on his path towards success.

Early Interest in Commerce

From an early age, Adam found ways to have fun and make money. From orchestrating his own carnivals to entertain neighborhood kids to selling candy, Adam routinely had some type of business in the works.

Developed a Passion for Art and Creating

During his youth, Adam realized he had an interest in art. Inspired by the detailed and stunning illustrations he saw in comic books, as well as work created by his father, Adam was hooked. He continually fostered his artistic development, but quickly realized his ability lent itself more to the emerging field of graphic design.

Not Suited for Academia

While Adam was all in when it came to developing his interest and skills in terms of coding and graphic design, he was lagging in school. The school situation became so serious that he was presented with the option to repeat his sophomore year or drop out and earn his GED. For Adam the decision was easy, and he soon received his GED. By this point, Adam understood that the classroom was not where he belonged.

Inspiration Strikes

Adam was putting his burgeoning web development skills to use creating websites for his friends and really just having fun. When his site began to gain attention and traction, Adam was struck with an idea for something bigger that addressed a need at a local level.

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