TBL Episode 17: The Value of Persistence on an Entrepreneurial Journey


Gabe chats with Richard Kim, founder of My Video Series, about the skills and traits that go into becoming both an entrepreneur and a good person. As he explains it, varied experiences and excellent mentors put Richard on a path to success.

Early Introduction to Business

Richard started honing his sales skills in high school. As he grew older, his business intuition evolved, too. Richard was unaware at the time, but he has a strong sales ability that he has always managed to put to good use.

School and Internship Experiences

While attending college and studying marketing, Richard identified a disconnect in the internship program. Internships deliver a definite value, but matching students to small businesses was virtually impossible. The clear solution to Richard was to start a website connecting college students to local small businesses.

Learning on the Job

After school, Richard took a position at Hyperloop One, an experience that greatly changed his perspective. He oversaw a team and gained valuable experience in terms of marketing, leadership, and networking. Around this time, Richard came to a realization that successful people have useful knowledge to share.

This knowledge could benefit Richard, but it can also benefit others. Richard brought his vision to life and began My Video Series. Through determination and persistence, Richard lined up interviews with successful individuals. The objective was to learn from the experiences of business titans.

Surround Yourself with Successful People

The people you surround yourself with matter a great deal. Richard cites mentors who push him to grow and learn as a key element to his development as a person and an entrepreneur. Successful people understand the process and can provide invaluable guidance.

If You Want to Be Successful, Be Persistent

Various traits contribute to success, but vision and leverage have greatly helped Richard reach his goals and ambitions. The desire to be a good person and help others are also driving forces in Richard’s life. When others invested their time, energy, and wisdom to help Richard, he benefited, and now he wants to help others in this same way.

Turning the Tables

Towards the end of the discussion, Richard’s interviewing instincts came through, and he posed several questions to Gabe. Learn about Gabe’s entrepreneurial journey and how he used persistence and a desire to help others to build his business.

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