TBL Episode 22: Using Brain Training Techniques to Find Joy

PJ Glassey, the founder of X Gym, took some time to chat with Gabe about brain science, surrendering to healthy transformations and more. PJ is no stranger to Today’s Business Leaders and has visited the show before. Listen to PJ’s earlier appearance on the show and catch up on the rest of the episodes.

Impact of Nutrition and Brain Science on Alzheimer’s Disease

As a self-described research hound, PJ can easily dedicate hours digging into facts and figures and learning about a variety of topics. In response to his mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, PJ began to research treatment options. At the time the prevailing thought was to treat symptoms to give the patient comfort. Diet and exercise could help, but there was no cure and no way to reverse the impact of the disease.

PJ focused on nutrition and exercise, which he believes helped his mother to a degree. The brain is a muscle, and the same diet and exercise that keep your body healthy also work to keep your mind in shape. Over the years, PJ has continued to research Alzheimer’s disease and has found science-backed research that points to the ability to reverse the condition.

Brain Training Techniques

PJ’s research has led him to study the advantages of brain training. Willpower is pivotal when it comes to sticking to diet or exercise goals, but over the course of a day, decision making fatigue sets in and people lose willpower. PJ has developed a variety of brain training techniques to help people build up their willpower. These techniques help people understand things in a way that makes sense to their brain, so they are more likely to find success.

From reaching fitness goals, personal goals, finding joy and whatever else you want to achieve in your life you need to train your brain. Training provides the tools necessary to love your life, find happiness and reach your goals.

Surrendering is Healthy to Your Transformation

PJ and Gabe both share inspiring stories about the value and stress relief of letting go. Choosing to take control of a situation, even if that means letting go, relieves stress. Letting things go and completely surrendering allows you to lose the pressure and ultimately find what you need or want.

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