TBL Episode 43: How to Empower People to Empower Others

Stacey Howe-Lott is back on the show to speak with Gabe about how to empower people to empower others. Catch up on Stacey’s earlier episode to learn how her business helping students came about, and pick up some real-world advice. Stick with this episode to learn how to structure your talks or speeches to empower your listeners.

Finding Cupcakes

Stacey became involved with Seth Godin’s altMBA program and this led to the creation of a teach-and-learn program, with Stacey spearheading helping people learn to make the most of these talks. When the notion of planning an in-person event came up, Stacey was there and scheduled to be the first person to speak. Her talk centered around cupcakes but it soon became a much larger message.

Lead with Action

Whether you are speaking at an industry event or giving a sales pitch, understanding how to lead people into action is a valuable skill that just may lead to world domination. It is important to filter things down and keep things simple, so your listeners are left with a manageable and easy-to-do list that will get them closer to their goals. “The burden is always on the audience, and I think we need to flip the burden. The burden should not be on me as the learner. You’re the expert,“ Stacey explains.

Putting These Skills to Use

Instead of investing time and money into marketing, invest those resources into making your products or services so easy to use that your customers will recommend your company to their network. All of this can be achieved by changing your focus and figuring out what your audience needs and how to get your audience one step closer to their goal.

Hear More Actionable Advice

Listen to the full episode to find out why learning styles are a myth, how delivery methods are the most important aspect and find out about the Story Brand book. Get in touch with Stacey through email or  Facebook or visit her site. You can find out more about Gabe’s Business, and the solutions available, or find earlier episodes of Today’s Business Leaders.

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