TBL Episode 52: How Following Your Gut Can Help You Along Your Entrepreneurial Journey

After working a corporate job, Ian Healey realized he actually didn’t want everything he had been working towards. He was sitting in a cubicle and miserable, so it was time for a change. In this installment of Today’s Business Leaders, Gabe chats with Ian about the draw of positive energy, the benefits of shifting perspective, why you need to just show up, and more.

California Dreaming

Ian realized he is too creative to sit in a box and do whatever he was told to do, so he picked up and moved to California with friends. After arriving, Ian realized the energy in California breeds creativity and collaboration. Ian has learned to balance his new dreamy California lifestyle with his hustle work ethic. Since settling in on the West Coast, Ian has started several businesses, but he is passionate about one in particular.

Getting Back What You Put Out

Ian has worked with mentors and gained valuable insight that has helped him learn and grow. He even points out that he is still learning and Ian plans to always keep that mentality. He is now helping others to learn how to follow their gut and emotions and find fulfillment. “The world doesn’t need any more sheep. The world needs people who are happy,” Ian explains. Ian doesn’t see himself as a coach, but as more of an artist who helps others live their dreams.

The Mind, Body, Soul Connection

Often, people attract negative experiences through their own actions. Ian explains how to tune into your intuition and harness positive energy through yoga and meditation. Sitting with yourself and spending time with your thoughts helps you learn to deal with negative issues and trust your emotional compass.

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