TBL Episode 55: Lessons of Entrepreneurship

Les Cowie has had a long and varied career, and along the way, he has learned many valuable lessons in entrepreneurship. He spoke to Gabe about these lessons and his experiences for this most recent episode of Today’s Business Leaders.

Starting Out

In his late twenties, Les had a great job, and things were going really well. A family tragedy changed this momentum, and Les moved his wife and children out of Johannesburg. As per his wife’s suggestion, Les took the skill and knowledge he had from his previous job and got into multimedia training. Les learned a lot during this first go at video training, and he was able to perfect the process going forward. At this point, Les learned what he deems the first lesson of entrepreneurship: build it once, sell it many times over.

Stay True to Your Calling

Throughout his career, Les continued to learn more lessons about entrepreneurship. As he changed jobs and continents, Les found new ways to asset his products to build his business. He also soon realized that cash flow allowed him to do many things, and investing some of that cash in assets that aligned with his company allowed him to increase profits.

Getting More with Less

Les followed up on another suggestion from his late wife and wrote a few books based on his knowledge and experience. One of those books, 7 Steps for Employees to Be Successful Quickly, features loads of actionable advice. Each step, from analyzing your environment to learning how to look for symptoms of a problem before things escalate can help employees but are also applicable to entrepreneurs.

Learn More

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