TBL Episode 66: How to Take Over the World as an Entrepreneur

Terry Ogburn started his company to help small businesses take over and grow into being the backbone of the country. Terry has had a vast career and has gained tons of actionable advice along the way. During his first appearance on Today’s Business Leaders, Terry covered how he got to the point of opening his consulting business. In this episode, he delves into how he helps small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Value of Systems

Terry uses metrics and a variety of other indicators to help his clients grow their businesses, and for good reason. Terry believes small business owners are the future. “I started my company helping small businesses, small entrepreneurs and little companies because I believe these are the people that are going to turn this country around. They have always been the backbone of our country. I think we got pushed away a little bit, and now it’s time to come back together and really take over like we should,” explains Terry.

How to Harness a Performa

Bookkeeping is important for businesses of all sizes, but it is particularly important for small businesses. For growing companies, it is often necessary to get a weekly glance at cash flow to gauge the health of the business. Terry has his clients use a performa, which is a complete forecast, including revenue coming in, cost of goods, expenses and more. A performa works on a weekly basis and provides accurate and up-to-date data to help steer decisions and ensure the larger financial and growth plans are on track.

How to Become a Sales Consultant

Terry instills the need for a long-term plan and mindset when helping his clients. He makes the distinction between a salesperson and a sale consultant. A salesperson has commission on his or her mind, while a consultant is focused on repeat business. This repeat business will sustain and carry a business. Terry reiterates his mantra: find them, keep them and get them to spend more money.

Learn How to Be Outstanding

Terry covers so much more ground, from his take on the art of the deal, the need for a comprehensive business plan, and the four things to work on during any project. Reach out to Terry via emailLinkedIn, his personal Facebook page, his business Facebook page, or visit his website. Learn more about Gabe’s company, Business Marketing Engine, and find out about the solutions available. Listen to more episodes of Today’s Business Leaders to pick up lots more actionable advice.

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