TBL Episode 69: The Impact of Entrepreneurship and How It Will Change the World with Dave Woodward

Dave Woodward has always felt like he was an entrepreneur. However, he wasn’t always on that course, and at one point he was slated to attend medical school. Dave felt that he didn’t fit the mold of what his parents wanted for him. Luckily for Dave, his family, and entrepreneurs everywhere, Dave bailed on medical school the week before he was supposed to start, followed his instinct, and did things his way.

Being His Own Boss

Dave didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he knew he wanted to have a family and he wanted to be able to spend as much time with them as possible. “I started off actually in the insurance business; employee benefits and things in that area. That’s kind of where I first got my start in terms of being my own boss. I never looked back, and I’ve really never had a job. At this point, I’m probably completely unemployable. Nobody would hire me,” Dave explains. Today, Dave is a partner and the Chief Business Development Officer of Click Funnels.

Side Hustles and the American Dream

Through his work at Click Funnels, Dave sees firsthand how both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs work together and change the world. Entrepreneurs and business owners are the only people who will ever change the world. Dave believes business is what moves this country and brings about change, and the people who start and operate businesses will drive that change and live the American dream.

Importance of Culture

One of the major driving forces behind the success of Click Funnels is the culture. Dave and the rest of the Click Funnels team made it a point to hire skilled and talented ‘A’ players who are motivated and buy into the vision. This has set the tone for a supportive and collaborative company culture that not only contributes to the success of Click Funnels but also helps build up their customers and makes the world a better place.

A Software Company That Strives to Be More

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