TBL Episode 71: Why You Should Be Bold with Your Business

Landon Porter, the self-proclaimed sales gorilla, is back to share more actionable advice on Today’s Business Leaders. Learn more about why Landon walked away from a very profitable sales career to do things his way and how he is helping other entrepreneurs take charge and learn how to make decisions based on value.

Working with the Right People

Landon literally woke up one day and realized it was time for a change. The first thing he wanted to change was the group of people he chose to be around. “If I don’t like the people that I’m spending my time with, obviously that’s going to affect the rest of my life,” Landon explains.

“Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. A lot of people don’t agree with that, and that’s fine. If you’re one of those people who think take the money and deal with the headache and whatever, hey whatever floats your boat,” Landon goes on to say. “I’m not here to change your mind. I’m just here to say, if you don’t like what you have to deal with after you close somebody then maybe it’s because they’re the wrong people.”

Measuring Success

Many people get caught up in equating success and happiness to money. People strive to obtain money, but that doesn’t always lead to happiness. Landon understands this firsthand. Success can and should be measured in a lot of ways outside of the revenue numbers. Just because your revenue goes up, there is no guarantee your happiness will follow that trend.

Leveraging Relationships

When he struck out on his own, Landon only worked with people with whom he connected. Ultimately, these are the relationships that last and deliver value both personally and professionally. This value-based take on business enabled Landon and his partners to independently do what they excel at, and they all benefited from the partnership.

These days, Landon is helping entrepreneurs learn how to build and leverage relationships to grow their business with the most important relationship being the one people have with themselves.

Learn How to Value Who You Are

Reach out to Landon through email, Facebook or visit his site. Find out what Gabe’s company is about and the solutions offered. You can also learn more actionable entrepreneurial advice by listening to other episodes of Today’s Business Leaders.

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