TBL Episode 78: Using Innovation to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Marisa Cali is back to share more actionable advice based on her own experience as an entrepreneur for this installment of Today’s Business Leaders. Find out how her New Year’s resolution turned into a social media marketing windfall and what micro-influencers can do for your business.

Evolution of the Fancy Mini Newsletter

Marisa is a social media strategist and owner of All the Social. This past New Year’s Day, she found herself contemplating how to create true evergreen content. She puts out lots of content, but she wanted to share something different than just a blog post. Marisa also wanted something that would last and be relevant for a longer period of time.

This led to the creation of what Marisa has dubbed the fancy mini newsletter. Marisa uses InDesign to create client proposals, and she’s found a lot of success with this presentation. She decided to take this concept and create something visually appealing and informative that could be shared with her followers. What resulted was essentially a newsletter, but better.

2019 Predictions

Marisa has found a tremendous level of success with her initial fancy mini newsletter which covers what to expect in social media for this year.

1. The emergence of the Micro-Influencer

“I think that businesses should start looking into micro-influencers,” Marisa explains. “I think a micro-influencer is something more niched down. Someone that has a lot of influence in their small circle. Someone that can make true, quality connections and their opinion is trusted.”

2. Focus on the Customer

Influencing goes both ways. Consumers can build up a brand by showing support, but they can also take down a brand if they have a bad experience. “You’re always going to have someone who is not going to like what you have and not mesh with you. But the people that do? Invest in those people,” says Marisa.

3. Use Video to Serve Your Audience

Putting video to work for your brand helps listeners engage with your brand. When watching a video, consumers can hear the words and the tone, see body language and gain a deeper understanding while developing a connection with you and your brand.

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Learn more about what Marisa can do for your business by visiting her business page, All the Social, or reaching out through email, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook or visit her personal Facebook page. Check out earlier episodes of Today’s Business Leaders to hear stories from leading entrepreneurs, learn more about Gabe’s business, and the solutions available.

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