Episode 86

How to Adopt a Successful Mindset During Every Season of Your Business – (Episode 86)

Hayk Tadevosyan returns to Today’s Business Leaders to offer invaluable insight on what it takes to start and run a successful business. He came to the US with his father in 2001 in search of the American Dream. At the age of 18, Hayk seized the opportunity to break into the insurance industry. Today, he is the top producing agent out of six states in the Pacific Northwest. He has also written a powerful book: The Power of Mindset.

Hard Work and Tenacity go a Long Way

Hayk’s father often stated, “nothing substitutes good old fashioned hard work.” This principal fueled a grueling nine-month internship as an insurance agent. It would also lay the foundation for a successful business a short time later.

Gaining 2,000 prospects in that short amount of time seemed near impossible, but Hayk had sheer determination. He learned the two most powerful words in marketing: free and save. He started to implement that language during his calls. As some people rejected his proposal, he began looking forward to 10 “no’s.” He knew that there eventually would be 10 “yes’s” as well.

Embracing the Seasons of Business

Hayk understood businesses take hard work at first, but he also knew that intensity shouldn’t last forever. “First you work for your business, right? And then your business starts working for you,” Hayk says. He found that a certain amount of effort yields a certain amount of results. You figure out what level that is and then do it.

You don’t want to be running everything sunup till sundown the rest of your life, though. In the first 1-2 year season of business, you have to. But when the season changes, you begin training your team how to do what you do. In essence, you replicate yourself. This season lasts for years 2-4, and then after that, you should be able to step away without worrying.

Looking to the Future

Hayk plans to stay involved in his now successful business. He is enjoying more free time to be with his family and write more books. You can contact Hayk by email, through his website or via social media at Instagram or Facebook. His book, The Power of Mindset, is now available on Amazon. Find out more about the solutions available from Business Marketing Engine. Learn more actionable advice from leading entrepreneurs by listening to more installments of Today’s Business Leaders.


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