Episode 98

5 Minutes To Financial Freedom with Alex Goldfayn – (Episode 98)

Money is a universal language that everyone understands. To some, money has become their primary language, with service as secondary.

But, what if you were able to merge those two and become fluent in both languages?
Seems impossible, but it’s not.

Alex Goldfayn, a business owner and published author, began his entrepreneurial journey early. At the age of 23, Alex owned his own business managing 12 employees, all of whom were over the age of 40. His vision was clear, but had limited experience in business management at that time which made his role a challenge. Alex knew one thing, that “success isn’t linear, and the only way to make money is to sell something.” Alex focused his attention and has mastered just that.

Join host Gabe Arnold for the Today’s Business Leaders Podcast show, where guest Alex Goldfayn, shares his journey through early entrepreneurship. He also talks about the publication of his 5th book called, 5-Minute Selling, which makes its debut Monday, August 24.

This isn’t just any book, it’s the book that will get you selling in 5 minutes or less. The fastest fling you’ll ever have with a far greater return.

If you struggle with sales, or can’t stand the thought of doing it, you’ve got to tune into this podcast. Alex not only shares his experience and knowledge, but he’s offering FREE resources directly from his book to get you started early. Take 5 minutes, this is a fling that’s worth it for financial freedom!

If you’re ready for VIP access into the mind of a selling master and proven revenue enhancer – check out his website here.

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