Episode 99

Fitness Done the Right Way with Amir Pozderac – (Episode 99)

Can health and fitness help you become a better entrepreneur? If your body is functioning at its highest potential, so can your mind. 

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to put aside your health for your business’ success. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Fitness coach, professional triathlete and entrepreneur Amir Pozderac grew up in war-ravaged Bosnia and was severely overweight compared to his peers. He tried many diets, but nothing helped him keep the weight off long term. 

As he got older, Amir noticed the same patterns in others trying to lose weight with diets and weight-loss supplements. He thought, “What if there’s a better way?”. 

Through his education in Pharmacy school, Amir figured out a new model that allows for long-term weight loss and muscle gain without fad diets and supplements. He now runs a nutrition and weight loss program and helps thousands of clients all over the world. 

On today’s podcast, host Gabe Arnold and Amir Pozderac discuss nutrition, weight loss and other healthy practices for entrepreneurs. Learn how to go about fitness the right way and how proper diet and exercise can help you succeed. 

Amir discusses how he came to health and fitness coaching and how other prospective entrepreneurs can work towards success. As Einstein said,  “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Amir takes this phrase to heart as he explains how simple ideas can be the most effective. 

After 15 years of searching for the perfect idea, Amir finally thought of doing health and fitness coaching for entrepreneurs and ran with it! He explains how he had 100 percent clarity on this idea and he’s been dedicated to it ever since. 

He helps fellow entrepreneurs reach their diet and fitness goals, so they can become more confident and successful. As a parent, Amir understands that revenue is important, but not as important as being there for your family. Amir turned this simple idea into a 6-figure income that continues to grow, and so can you!

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