The 7 Marketing Materials You Need to Start a Business

You already know that you need marketing for your business. That’s a given. 

But you also know that the advent of the modern buyer and new technologies is the basis of today’s market.

Marketing materials are still crucial for business growth and overarching success. This might confuse you. 

“What do you mean? I still need business cards and brochures?” 

If that’s what you have been thinking, you are not alone. A lot of up-and-coming business owners and stakeholders have the same questions. 

It is true that digital marketing materials are key for your marketing strategy. But printed marketing materials are still pivotal for your emerging business. 

Why Are Marketing Materials So Important?

First things first: let’s make sure you have a firm grasp on what marketing materials are and why they matter so much. 

Marketing materials consist of the brand material you use to communicate with your target market. As far as print goes, that can include (but is not limited to): 

  • Business cards
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures 
  • Destination guides
  • Program registration forms

So why are they so important? Why should your material marketing be so high up on your priority list? We have a few key points here. 

First, you will have clients who ask for some literature on what your company is about. That could be through promotional material, advertising products or anything in between. You cannot send them a mumbo-jumbo Google Doc and expect them to find everything they need. You need professional materials. 

Also, everyone likes to hold something in their hands. A tangible item is a lot stronger than you may think. 

This piece of material is often the first interaction a new customer will have with your brand. So your first impression has to wow them. You are bound to have a large pool of competition in your industry. Do your first-impression marketing materials stack up to theirs? This is a vital component of your content marketing and strategy as a whole. 

Finally, think of your brand’s reach. Have you ever had a friend, family member or professional connection ask you for advice? Maybe they want to know who you use as a CPA or what barber/hairdresser you go to. If you have a business card for them, you share it with whoever was asking for more information. 

Your business is no different. Say that someone asks one of your existing clients who their go-to is for the products or services you offer. You want to have a business card or material that your client can hand to this new potential customer. If you have strong marketing materials, that’s a new client in your back pocket. 

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Marketing Materials vs Publicity Materials

Publicity and marketing are two different concepts. But they do have a lot of overlap– including with their respective materials. 

Let’s go over both definitions again. 

Marketing materials are any of the items you use to communicate with your target audience. 

Publicity materials are any of the items you use to generate your brand awareness with company information. Typically, you would use media outlets to distribute this information and gain exposure within your market. 

For publicity materials, think of press releases, photographs and calendar announcements for upcoming events. 

If you want a closer look at the specific types of marketing materials you need to start a business, keep reading. 

There is one key difference between the two, though. Normally, you have to pay for materials marketing in some way, just like you pay for your marketing products. 

That payment could come in many different forms. For example, you may already have an in-house graphic design team or sole designer. You have to pay them so that they can design and implement your brand logo. For brochures and business cards, you also have to pay to print them. If you take out an ad in an external piece of copy, you pay for that exposure. 

But let’s get into the top seven materials you need for your new business. These items may attach themselves to a monetary value. But you will soon realize that you cannot put a price on the growth and holistic success of your business. That long-term success will be well worth your investment, and it cannot come without marketing materials. 

7 Key Materials for You to Start a Business

There is a wide range of marketing materials out there, both print and digital. That means there are a lot of them that you would otherwise have to comb through and pick as you develop your marketing plan. 

But you already have a lot on your plate. You’re figuring out what business products are best to market in the first place and you are planning your day-to-day operations. You’re working on the hiring process and you are on the hunt for investors. 

But do not worry. We are here to take some of that stress off your shoulders. We went through those countless lists of marketing materials and found the seven most important ones for you as you begin your journey in the business world. 

Your Website

These days, the first place people go to when they want to find more information is the Internet. A quick search engine query brings them almost all they need to know. So you have to ensure that your website is up-to-par when they research your brand. 

Your website design has to display credibility, engage with your target market and stand out from your competitors. 

Of course, you are building a unique company. So your website will vary depending on who you are as a brand. But overall, there are several critical elements you need to include, like: 

  • Branding – Your potential customers need to recognize that your site is your site. Your logo and distinct color scheme should be on every page. 
  • Contact Information – Add your company’s email address, physical address and phone number. 
  • “About us” – Tell your audience a story about who you are and what you are all about. 
  • Hours of operation – This is key for brick-and-mortar businesses. 
  • Social media plugs – Provide links to your brand’s various social media pages so you can boost brand visibility. 

Your Brand Logo

This is the fun part. 

Your logo is your brand’s face. It’s what customers think of when they call your business to mind. It is also attached to all of your business’s products, sites and pages. 

Since it is so important, ensure that it is crisp, clean and stands out. It has to be professional and reflect what your brand stands for. 

It might seem like a burden to have to invest in a graphic designer to create your logo. 

But expel those negative thoughts from your mind. Instead, view it as a chance to develop your business’s “face” and network with design professionals at the same time. 

You need this investment for a memorable logo that fits across all of your marketing materials. 

marketing materials, The 7 Marketing Materials You Need to Start a Business, Business Marketing EngineYour Brochures

Brochures are more than fillers for a hotel lobby. They are a prime way to compile a lot of brand information into one comprehensive item. They are also convenient for your growing customer base. Some people want a printed piece of your company information, but they do not want a large printout or crumply flyer. 

With brochures, you can expand on your “about us” section on your site. You can print some out that detail individual products or services or a related group of them. Use them for pitches and promotional event content. 

Again here, strive for a professional and personalized design. 

Your Business Cards

It’s time to talk about those business cards you have seen other industry leaders hand out over the years. 

Without a doubt, it is exciting when you initially see your business cards in person. Think about that feeling when you crisply snap one out of your carefully chosen business card holder for the first time and say the classic: “Here’s my card.” 

But to avoid a prospect using it as a bookmark when they get home, you have to put time, effort and– you guessed it– money into them. 

Keep it simple, yet distinct and professional. You need your logo, contact information and the proper dimensions.  

Then, the next time you run into a potential client, you can really revel in that “here’s my card” scenario. You will walk away knowing you made an impression. 

Your Letterhead

With a rising company, you need your connections to realize that you mean legitimate business. 

There’s no better way to achieve that than with a custom letterhead. Take advantage of high-quality paper and a logo in color. 

Not only do investors appreciate that level of detail, but it puts you above the competition for your customers. 

Your Catalogs

Depending on your target market, a catalog is a great way to shine the spotlight on your most profitable products. 

Plus, your audience does not have to go through the whole process of trying to find what they need on the Internet. They can just reference their dog-eared catalog pages for quick information. A lot of the time, it even feels like a more personalized marketing experience for them. 

marketing materials, The 7 Marketing Materials You Need to Start a Business, Business Marketing EnginePromotional Mail

Everyone likes to get something in the mail. But if it is a promotional offer, nobody wants a shoddy and frantic attempt at selling. 

Promotional mail works extremely well if you get it right. If you have a local client base, this is the case even more so. 

Include compelling images with your promotion, whether that is a postcard or flyer. You can drop a stack of them off at another local business, drop them in the mail or tack them onto a nearby event board. 


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