The Future of Mobile Advertising

Advertising is a marketing practice that places your promotional messages in front of a target market audience. It is a way to increase your brand awareness as new consumers may come into contact with that message and want to learn more about your product, service or company. Mobile advertising is a platform that is gaining in popularity, both with consumers and companies, in recent years.

As the name implies, mobile advertising, centers on delivering promotional messages to consumers on their mobile device. A mobile device includes a smartphone, a tablet and any other device that connects to the Internet. Modern technology makes it possible for consumers to interact with some form of mobile device on a frequent basis. That makes it an extremely beneficial marketing platform for your business.

Mobile Advertising Market

There is virtually no limit to the reach potential a mobile advertising campaign offers your company. Everywhere you go these days, there are people who are either on a mobile device or have one close by at all times. Each of those mobile device users becomes a potential customer for your product or service.

When a consumer comes in contact with your mobile advertisement, it is easy to share that promotional piece with someone else who may also have a need for your product or service.

That chain of events can continue as long as users find it necessary to share your message. It places your brand, and your promotional message, in the hands of consumers that you otherwise would not be able to reach through traditional marketing practices.

Mobile Advertising Trends

When mobile advertising first made an appearance in the marketing world, critics thought it would have a short life span. As it turns out, the complete opposite is taking place. Mobile advertising is growing in strength almost as quickly as new mobile devices appear on the consumer market. Mobile Advertising is currently on track to outgrow other forms of digital marketing practices. Here are a few trends business owners need to keep in mind.

Mobile Apps Increase

Consumers focus approximately 86 percent of their mobile device time on various mobile applications. Marketing companies are taking notice and matching that time consumption with an increase in mobile applications that will become available. You can take advantage of this trend by working to develop an app for your company.

Mobile Advertising Budgets

As the consumer market interest in mobile device applications continues to rise, the relevant marketing budgets need to follow suit. Therefore, mobile advertising budgeting is on track to exceed traditional desktop advertising practices by 2017.

Pinpointing Consumer Location

As modern technology continues to develop, the software in place will make it possible to pinpoint a consumer’s location. It will help determine a consumer’s buying pattern, such as where that person likes to grocery shop or which restaurant is a favorite. That information will allow companies to send mobile advertisements to that consumer when those particular shops are in close proximity.

Deep Links

Deep links are those behind-the-scenes activities that a website takes to bring a consumer to a virtual place of interest. It provides for the seamless movement of a consumer from a point of interest to a point of action. As mobile advertising continues to increase, the ability to place deep links into the advertising content will increase.

You will want to capture the consumer’s interest at the point of contact with your message. When the process takes that consumer to the app store for additional information, frustration sets in and the interest in your product disappears. Deep links will make the information gathering process much easier for consumers.

Video Advertisements

As mobile advertising continues to emerge, so will the need for video driven advertisements. It provides a convenient way for consumers to come in contact with your promotional message wherever they happen to be at a particular moment of the day.

Videos are effective marketing tools because the consumer engagement is high. Your potential reach expands beyond your initial target market audience as well. The videos you create are easy to share with other consumers who may have an interest in the video content.

Mobile Games

Mobile games are a trend in the mobile device world that is unlikely to disappear any time soon. Just about everywhere you go, it is possible to see someone playing one or more of the popular games in the app stores. As this segment of mobile devices continues to expand, so should your advertisement game. You can easily create an advertisement that appears in one or more of the mobile games currently on the market.

Each of these trends work to highlight the way that mobile advertising changes the way you can promote a product or service to your customer base. The future of mobile advertising looks towards creating more engaging content opportunities complete with rich graphics and eye-catching images. You will want to start planning now for how your company will enter the world of mobile advertising and dominate that spot once you get there.

It is not an advertising platform that you want to miss out on simply because you fail to put a plan in place now so contact us today and we will help you get started in the right direction.