TBL Episode 2: Using A.W.E. to End Distractions

Distractions are a very real problem for a lot of people that can completely upend productivity. In addition to getting in the way of work, distractions are just frustrating. Learning how to identify and minimize distractions gives you the ability to refocus and make the most of your time.

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In the second episode, Gabe is joined by Lisa Mallis of Impactive Strategies. Lisa works to coach clients to break through the barriers that hold them back from achieving success in their business endeavors.

Putting A.W.E. to Work for You

Everyone is different, so the issues that distract one person may not sidetrack someone else. In the same regard, the solutions to distractions need to be custom in order to be effective. A simple acronym can help in the battle against distractions is A.W.E., which stands for Awareness, Work and Evaluation.


In order to solve the problem, you need to identify the problem. Figure out what distracts you, and be open to the possibilities. Be mindful that distractions can come in all forms. Even minor interruptions can throw you off course. Keep a list to identify distractions.


Create a solution for each distraction. The answer has to be easy to implement in order to be effective. Implement an easy structure to address your distractions. For instance, if notifications on your phone distract you then disable those notifications. Permanently disabling notifications may not be feasible, but establishing a time each day to temporarily disable notifications will give you time to focus without distractions.


An effective solution needs to solve the problem of distraction, but it needs to not cause additional problems. After you implement a solution to stop your day from being derailed by distractions, then take the time to evaluate the solution. Make sure your solution did not create a new problem.

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