What Does It Really Mean to Be an Entrepreneur

The word “entrepreneur” gets bandied around a lot. But, many people use it freely without truly understanding exactly what it means to be an entrepreneur. Although there are some distinct traits that an entrepreneur needs to have, the entire definition of “entrepreneur” is up to interpretation. Keep reading to learn the true meaning of being an entrepreneur.

Dictionary Definition

According to Dictionary.com an entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” Although this definition seems straightforward, it does open up some gray area to be interpreted by the individual. So, it is worthy of some deeper exploration.

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An Entrepreneur Brings Ideas to Life

Being an entrepreneur starts with having an idea. But, to truly become an entrepreneur, you must go beyond that and find a way to bring that idea to life. Not only must you start your business, but you must also be ready, willing and able to deal with the roadblocks and pitfalls that will come your way. You must be willing to push through all the red tape and persistently pursue your goals by continuing to progress and innovate.

An Entrepreneur Loves to Explore New Ideas

Entrepreneurs have a burning passion for learning new ideas. As an entrepreneur, you must take the talent and knowledge you already have and apply it to everything around you. You must look at every new experience as an opportunity for growth.

Entrepreneurs know that something can be learned from everything around them, so they find new learning opportunities every day. Entrepreneurs see their employees, customers and competitors as sources of valuable information. They learn everything they can from every experience and then apply it to their businesses.

An Entrepreneur is Resourceful

There is no question that running a business is not a smooth process. There will always be problems that arise and hurdles to overcome. Some of them can be expected, but others can easily come out of the blue. Entrepreneurs are incredibly resourceful when it comes to solving these issues. Being resourceful allows an entrepreneur to tackle any obstacle that comes along and deal with it before it becomes a full-blown problem that can destroy the business.

entrepreneur mindset, What Does It Really Mean to Be an Entrepreneur, Business Marketing Engine

An Entrepreneur Thinks Ahead

Of course, an entrepreneur needs to think on his or her feet. It is also crucial that critical thinking is done ahead of the game. Thinking forward to the long-term helps entrepreneurs grow and widen their influence on the people around them so they can be seen as leaders in their respective industries.

An Entrepreneur Works Across Disciplines

Entrepreneurs have the ability to see the bigger picture. For an entrepreneur, it is not enough to simply complete the task at hand and then move on to the next one. An entrepreneur looks at everything with a broad lens and finds opportunities and solutions in places that are not immediately obvious. An entrepreneur is always searching for the answer and applying it wherever necessary.

An Entrepreneur has Transferable Skills

Logically, an entrepreneur is going to be expertly-skilled in at least one area. But, an entrepreneur also understands how those skills can be beneficial in other areas as well. Since an entrepreneur needs to know every aspect of his or her business, it is easy to develop and hone skills that are beneficial across the board.

entrepreneur mindset, What Does It Really Mean to Be an Entrepreneur, Business Marketing EngineAn Entrepreneur is a Great Networker

Networking is how business gets done. The more people one can encounter in business, the more successful that person can be. Entrepreneurs know and understand the importance of meeting other people from different walks of life and using the experience to gain an overall broader perspective on life and other people. Learn more about successful networking as an entrepreneur here.

An Entrepreneur is a Mentor

Entrepreneurs do not gain success on their own. They get help along the way. Therefore, entrepreneurs know the value of having a good mentor, and the best entrepreneurs become mentors themselves. An entrepreneur will guide young business people and teach them how to visualize their own goals, give them advice and guide them down the path to success.

Entrepreneurs Control Their Own Destiny

Entrepreneurs know their own strengths and weaknesses. They are flexible and adaptable. Entrepreneurs know how to tackle problems and how to work around issues that cannot be immediately solved. They can find or forge new paths when necessary.

These skills allow entrepreneurs to be in charge of their own destiny. Whatever may come along, having these skills help entrepreneurs make the best decisions that will be beneficial in the long-term.

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